Pets, Pets and More Pets, oh my!

Do you remember all your pets from your childhood days?  I do, and there were a lot of them.  I had fantastic parents who let me have all the animals I wanted, and believe me, I wanted them all!  At one time, I had two cats (Tuckleburr and Squeezybug), a German Shepherd (Nig), 8 beagle hounds (Shorty, Poncho, Ranger, Tonto, King, Bandit, Buttercup and Missy), a chihuahua (Ike) and a squirrel monkey.  Now you’d think that if I can remember all the other pet’s names, I would definitely remember the squirrel monkey’s name but for the life of me, I can’t.  I tried for years and it must be in that section of my brain that I lost somewhere along the way. So, do you remember your pets from childhood?  What were their names and what were they like?

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  1. Yes, I remember because they were few. Besides guppies swimming in a bowl, I had a very smart and protective Labrador/Doberman mix that I named Pepper. He went everywhere with me. Mom had to keep him inside the house for at least an hour when I left for school or he’d follow me there, too. Had a parakeet that was an unwelcome gift, but kept it till it died of natural causes. Can’t recall its name. After Pepper, I had a purebred Beagle named Bruno but we called him Eddy. He was the dumbest dog God ever put breath in. I rescued him from General Mills where he’d spent the first year of his life being fed “experimental” dog food. Concerns me what “experimental” really meant.

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