How to Create Ripples – Part 4

So far we’ve been talking about mostly free ways to start your ripple effect.  The best piece of promo material you own is your book itself.  Use your book to sell it!  A tantalizing excerpt will make a potential reader a definite buyer.  Never ever underestimate the power a great excerpt has in promoting your book.  An excerpt should tantalize, entertain and let the reader see a glimpse of what they’ll be purchasing but the key thing is it should leave an impression.  Make your reader wonder why, what and how.

Try guest blogging and interviews.  While a new author doesn’t have an established fan base, guest blogging with other authors you make contact with new readers.

Another thing that’s free and easy is to give free talks.  That’s right.  There are lots of organizations out there who need speakers for their monthly meetings.  Most can’t afford to pay a speaker fee.  However, they will let you bring your books and sell them after the talk.  So give a talk.  What can you talk about?  How about the day in the life of a writer? 

And while you’re doing free talks, try radio!  There are over 700 phoners (talk shows) that need guests every day!  Right now, those 700 phoners don’t know you exist.  Tell them!

Did you know that in the world of marketing, a potential buyer needs to hear your name 5 times before it gets lodged in their heads and then another 5 more times to get them to buy anything with your name on it!  It’s not the one big thing that works but all those dozens of small things that you’re consistent with which makes a difference!

And don’t forget to write a comment on other authors’ blogs.  It’s disheartening to spend time putting up a blog and nobody comments on it.  So, if you want your blog to be commented on, go comment on other authors’ blogs.  They’ll return the favor when you get your blog out there.  And who knows, that little author whose blog you comment on now, may just turn out to be Big Name Author when you need the favor returned.  Could you imagine having Big Name Author comment on your blog and how many books of yours that might get sold to their readership!  It’s that well-worn rule of “Do until others …”

So start creating your ripples by throwing out some pebbles.  Stay tuned for my next blog! I’ll give you more ideas to add to your ripple effect.

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