How to Create Ripples – Part 3

So, you’ve gotten some business cards and have started actually handing them out.  Good for you.  Remember to have them with you at all times and pass them out daily.

Next thing is to concentrate on your website.  I know, I know.  People seem to think they don’t really need one, but yes you do.  Because that’s the first place an editor looks and if they can’t find what they’re looking for in three seconds or less, you’ve lost out.  So get a website.  If you can’t build it yourself and make it look professional, get a college student to do it for you.  Check with your local college for the class on web design and let a student use your website as their project for the class.  It does need to look professional.

If you are self-published, you may think I don’t need a website for an editor to locate me.  But, what if Mr. or Ms. Editor stumbled upon one of your books somewhere and likes it enough they want to contact you and possibly make an offer.  So they jump on the internet, which is what all editors do, and oh, you don’t have a website.  That tells them you’re an amateur right off the bat and the one million smackeroos contract they were going to offer you for the movie rights just flew out the window.  Oh, but like you say, you don’t need a website.  Think again.

You’ll need a professionally done photo of yourself for your bio page which should have two bios on it.  One will be your professional one for use by the media and the other will be a fun one for your readers to learn more about you.

Also, you’ll need a “Books” page that has cover photos of all the books you’ve written with links directly to purchasing them.  You want to make it as easy as possible for your fans to be able to go right to the site to purchase any or all of your books.  If you have a series, be sure you note which one is the first, second, third, etc.  Make it as easy for your fans as possible.

You should also have a link on the website for your newsletter.  That way your newsletter program can collect email addresses for you to use not only when sending out your newsletter but when you want to announce a new book or some event that you’re having.  Your fans want to hear directly from you.  Those are the ones you cultivate.

Make your ripples and throw out some pebbles.  In my next blog, I’ll give you more ideas to add to your ripple effect.

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