How to Create Ripples – Part 2

So, what does a writer do to get their name out there?  That’s the question we all want answered.  Let’s start with something easy and not too expensive.  It’s so much easier now than when I first started writing.  With the advent of the internet, spreading your name out into the world is easy and inexpensive.  If you don’t already have a website, get one.  That’s the first place an editor goes when they receive anything from you.  They want to know that you’re really trying to be an author and not just a hobbyist.  Your website should contain your bio and a professionally done photograph of you for a minimum.  Also include a link to your blog or other social media pages.  Don’t overload yourself on the social media pages.  It takes time to update them on a regular basis and that steals time from your writing.  However, you fans do want a place where they can go to learn about you and interact with you, so pick one or two to use.  Then keep them updated regularly.

In addition to social media, the next thing I would do is get some professional business cards.  You can do some searching to find the lowest price but be careful.  There are some unscrupulous businesses out there.  I know of one place which offers an extremely low price on their business cards but, when you check your statements a few months down the road, you find they’ve charged you yet again for the same order.  And, once you finally get that straightened out, they do it again.  So be careful out there.  Business cards are a must.  Hand them out everywhere.  And, I do mean everywhere.  If you’re at a restaurant, leave two on the table.  When going through the local drive-thru, hand two through the window.  Pay your bills by check and insert a business card/bookmark or whatever you have into the envelope along with your payment.  Getting gas, go inside and leave a business card with the attendant.  As I said, leave a business card everywhere!

Start collecting email addresses for your newsletter.  Yes, you need a newsletter.  It doesn’t have to be a weekly or monthly event.  You could send out one four times a year or even twice a year, but you do need to start one.  For those who are published already, send out a newsletter each time you release a new book.  For those unpublished, send out one four times a year letting your fans know what you’re working on.  Keep them apprised of how hard you’re working to complete your book, what research you’ve been doing or what research problems you’ve run.  Build up that list continually. Those are just a few inexpensive ways to get your name out there.  Start now to make your ripples and throw out some pebbles.  In my next blog, I’ll give you more ideas to add to your ripple effect.

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