Buzzard’s Temptation (Shady Rivers Series No. 6)


Wanting only to escape his past, Levi Brown, a/k/a “Buzzard,” rides his Harley into Shady Rivers with a rescued chihuahua named Pinkie stuffed inside his jacket. A kindhearted man underneath a hard, brutal exterior, he finds himself befriending not only homeless critters, but also a scared young woman as well.  With his past always lurking, will Buzzard be able to find true love with a woman much younger than himself?

Daizi Meadows, a young tattoo artist, finds the townsfolk of Shady Rivers to be the family she never had. She finds herself falling for the older man next door and begins to feel as though she belongs. That is until her past catches up with her. Will Daizi again run, or will she find the strength to stand her ground?


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