How To Create Ripples – Part 7

Natural self-promoters don’t say it once.  They say it many times. We have to make multiple impressions.  So keep those ripples going.  Here are a few more ways to create them.

Pay attention to booksellers.  Don’t treat the bookseller like the help.  The person behind the counter or on the floor is the most important person in the bookstore.  Why?  Because they put your book in customers’ hands, or on display.  Also, booksellers gossip.  They meet other booksellers at various functions where three things happen.  Drinking, recommending books and gossiping about authors.  So remember to always smell nice and speak kindly to all the booksellers in the store.  And always ask for the appropriate person, i.e., the book buyer or events coordinator instead of the owner or manager.  People who want to complain ask for the owner or manager.  And by all means, no matter what shelf you find your book on in the bookstore, always, always, thank them for carrying your book.

Blog Book tours are a fun way to promote your book.  If you’ve never participated in one, here’s how it works.  Have your friends feature you on their blogs around your release date and you in turn do the same for them.  It’s fun, cheap, and helps drive traffic to both blogs.

Promotional items can be expensive.  But, you can make your own bookmarks using lightweight card stock.  Include your professional photo on them as people tend to keep things with photos.  Be sure to autograph them as well.  Then hand them out wherever you go.  Place them inside bills you mail out.  Don’t pay your bills online – you’re missing out on a promotional/name recognition opportunity!

Do innovative things by thinking outside the box.  One writer did a book signing at her local Curves, an exercise place for women only. She did it in January because that’s the busiest month of the year for exercise (remember New Year resolutions). The owner talked it up to her clients, had a poster board display of the book displayed at the front desk and pre-sold 21 books to women who weren’t going to be able to attend the autographing but wanted books signed. 21 books at a book signing is fabulous! Think outside the box.

Donate copies of your books to charity auctions.  There’s a charity auction out there for everything so pick a cause and go for it!

You need an electronic Media Kit as well as one you can mail out as needed.  Put your bio, your professional photo and any clippings from newspapers, etc. that you’ve accumulated into it.  Then, send out press releases every time you do a book signing or an event of any type.  There are plenty of books to tell you how to do a press release.  Just be sure to tell them how to get to your Media Kit to find more information about you.

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