The Stilettomobile

The Stilettomobile



There was an old lady

Who needed a shoe,

So she started a campaign

For a donation or two.

The shoe that she wanted

Was different than most,

It’d be a perfect fit

For the books which she wrote.

She stood on the street corner

On the hottest of days,

With a sign and a bucket

Oh, she wasn’t fazed.

The shoe was a beauty

All sparkly and red,

And visions of fans

Danced in her head.

Being a romance writer

She had dreams you see,

Of “The Stilettomobile”

And just how it’d be.

She’d ride in parades

And drive it to bookstores,

From Maine to Seattle

And down to Gulf Shores.

It was help that she needed

If her dream was to be,

She needed donations

From you and from me.

Chad’s working on it

By day and by night,

In Northport,  Alabama

Oh, what a sight!

A red “Stilettomobile”

As big as can be,

With a seat for you

And a seat for me!

You could have a ride

Or get your picture taken,

In “The Stilettomobile”

So why are you waitin!

We’ll drive it around town

And wave at your friends

And your face will be glowing

With the biggest of grins!

So, dig deep for your money

And donate today

We’ve got to raise funds

So Maggie can say

There was an old lady

Who needed a shoe …