Maggie's Team

Web Guru

Joe is Maggie's computer tech, and all around web guru (along with being her son).  He takes care of her website and anything computer related.

Executive Assistant

Sheila is Maggie's fantastic assistant (and great daughter-in-law). She runs Maggie's contests, social media groups and does lots of other stuff, too.

The Animals

Mouse and Tater assist everybody with everything they can get their little cold, wet noses into.  Mouse, the Diva of Doggies, belongs to Maggie and is 14 years old now.  Tater belongs to Joe and Sheila and is 2 years old.  Tater has way too much energy for Mouse who'd rather be taking a nap.  Tater, on the other hand, likes to sneak upon her dad's tool pouch and sling the tools all over the house.  That's lots of fun!