The Story of "George"


Years ago, there was a cartoon on television that involved a dog and a duck.  The dog came across the duck and would grab him up, squeezing him in his arms, and in his goofy doggie voice he would say:  "I will hug him, and I will squeeze him and I shall call him George."  I've seen that cartoon a gazillion times and still laugh at it.  So, this is my version of "George."  You can hug him, squeeze him and have a few laughs with him!

What to do with "George"

Take George with you everywhere.  Take photos.  Send the photos to me and I'll include them here on George's page.  Tell me where in the world George is and what he's doing.

How do you get a George?

George is a gift to my "Maggie's Magical Street Team" members.  They are constantly working behind the scenes to help me succeed as a writer.  In turn, I give them a "George."

What's required?

It's easy.  Read my books and tell people about them.  If you're interested in joining my team, simply email me.