I Have A Dream

StilettomobileMy dream is “The Stilettomobile.”  I know it’s probably a stupid dream to most of you but to me it’s as good as an all-expense paid trip to Disney World or winning a shopping spree at Christmas time.

This summer I tried raising funds by standing out on the street with a sign that read “Help An Old Lady Buy A Shoe!”  Some of you contributed what you could spare and I appreciate each and every cent raised.  I also take my donation jar with me when I’m doing book signings and some of you contribute that way.  And I, again, appreciate each and every cent raised.  Some have contributed directly to me and I am grateful to each one of you.  To date, a little over $3,000 has been raised.

What would I do for my dream – just about anything.  I’ve offered to sit atop a building like some people do, and stood on the street corner with one combat boot on and one combat boot off with my “Help An Old Lady …” sign.

I know this dream is my own personal dream.  I know most of you could care less whether I achieve it or not and that’s okay.  But I care.  I care deeply. 

I suppose I’m like a kid whose nose is pressed tightly against the window pane of the big department store, dreaming of the bright shiny, red bicycle and hoping beyond hope I find it underneath the tree on Christmas morning.  I can feel the breeze blowing across my face as I whiz to and fro on that shiny bike.  I can feel the rubber handlebar grips pressed against my palms as I fly down the hill.  That’s my dream.

I can see my sparkly red Stilettomobile parked and just waiting for me to come play.  Sitting inside its fiberglass stiletto toe, I can feel myself sitting comfortably in its soft leather seat, my hands gripping its steering wheel.  I can see and feel every inch of that beautiful machine.  I suppose it’s something akin to what a racecar driver feels as they crawl into their racecar with the dream of winning the race.

Yes, my Stilettomobile is my dream.  I have no idea how to set about accomplishing that dream.  If I did, it would already be mine.  And just like on that shiny bright red bicycle, I would be taking someone for a ride on its handlebars (or passenger seat in the case of the Stilettomobile). 

When I arrive at a booksigning with my Stilettomobile in tow, I can see me backing it out of its trailer and onto the street.  There’s excitement in the air as fans and friends begin to snap photos of it, some sitting it in for their photo and others asking for a ride around the block.  There are parades, too, and I see it winding its way through the parade routes and waving at excited people as they wave and point at its sleek design.  I see children laughing as I blow its “ooga” horn at them, waving, smiling.  Fun and excitement abound wherever it goes.

Its trailer is jet black with pictures of The Stilettomobile painted on both its sides and the back doors.  There’s also a sign that says “Honk and pull over if you want a closer look!”  I love sharing my Stilettomobile with people.  A car passes on the interstate.  They’re honking and waving.  I see they’re from Wisconsin or maybe California, and we pull off at the next exit so they can get a closer look at my beloved red machine.  I could spend hours talking about it and showing pictures of how it was built but they have to travel on.  Others gather around in the parking lot.  We talk, we laugh, we enjoy The Stilettomobile.

How do you go about raising funds to build a dream?  I don’t know.  I’m sure all ears and listening intently if someone out there does know how.  I’m just a plain, ordinary person struggling day-to-day like most everyone else.  But, I have a dream.  Today, I am one step closer to achieving that dream, but, at the same time, I am one step farther away, too.  Time does not stop ticking.

Will I achieve my dream of having the Stilettomobile in my lifetime?  I have no idea.  But, I can promise this, I will never give up!  The Stilettomobile – coming soon to a town near you!



Donations can be mailed to:

The Stilettomobile Fund

c/o Maggie Rivers, P.O. Box 4601, Des Moines, IA 50305

or go to:

The Stilettomobile Campaign 










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Stiletto PhoneTwo wonderful gentlemen brought me a classic find!  A stiletto telephone!