Come visit three writers on their author journey.  Glenna West, C. Deanne Rowe and myself spent a week at Glenna's lake house writing.  It was such an enjoyable time.  There were no interruptions, just quiet writing time.  It really was a great opportunity for us to just relax and do what we love to do best - write.

Each morning I crawled out of bed, grabbed my first cup of coffee for the morning and headed outside to sit in the deck chairs and watch the morning unfold.  To get to the deck chairs, I had to navigate my way around the spider webs complete with spiders the size of car tires (at least that's the way they looked to me)!  If I'd run into one of the webs, someone would have had to take me to the emergency room for shock.  As you've probably guessed by now, spiders and I don't exactly see eye-to-eye (they have way too many). 

Once I made it to the deck chair, things were great.  The morning air was crisp and clean smelling.  Bullfrogs sang a chorus or two for me.  Dragonflies flitted here and there in the cattails.  The lilypads opened their blossoms and the butterflies took advantage of them.  Then swimming atop a serene pond came the ducks.  We all loved the ducks.  Each morning they'd swim from their night's nesting at one end of the pond to the other end to find their morning's food.  They swam passed our lake house.  One little duck right behind the other.  For us, things weren't complete until we'd seen our ducks - all in a row.  Everything was right with the world from that point on.  We could write and the words just flowed so easily.

After I had my first cup of coffee, it was back into the house where the others had, by that time, climbed out of bed and we all had our breakfast as we worked.  We sat with laptops in our laps, typing away as we grabbed bites of our breakfast in between words. Glenna liked to work with music in the backgroud so we were treated to a variety of music videos.  While watching one of the videos, a new character emerged for her and away she went with a new story.  The same type thing happened to Deanne and myself.  We gained new stories from something that happened while we were there also.

Glenna loved the dragonflies that seemed to congregate around her.  Every morning we took Glenna's pontoon boat out for a morning ride.  Flitting along beside the boat next to Glenna, we'd have a dragonfly as though it was leading her along the lake, showing her the way to go, or possibly just taking a morning stroll with a friend.  Glenna became Dragonfly.

For Deanne, it was the butterflies.  They seemed to welcome her to the lake by constantly flitting around close by her whenever she emerged from the cocoon of the lake house.  She became Butterfly.

As for myself, I was simply awed by the beauty of the waterlilies.  They were beautiful with light pink blossoms that greeted me in the mornings and closed in the afternoons.  I became Lilypad.

So, The Stiletto Girls were born.  We created a blog to show our progress.  Be sure to check it out and watch as we struggle on our journey to become published writers.  We'll show you the excitement along with the drudgery of being a writer.  Follow us day-by-day as we write, chase our muse, juggle our day-to-day family lives along with work stress and the writer's life.

Come back often and enjoy!