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Maggie Rivers | Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Here you'll find some interesting and unusual photos from the many writing events I've attended around the country.

Isle of Palms, South Carolina - October 24, 2008

Front of SC HouseOcean wave w/boatEmma Robuck and I once again attended the Low Country RWA Masterclass and Jumpstart workshop.  FABULOUS!  We were again in the house with 25 other writers.  Our instructors this year were Nina Bruhns, CJ Lyons, Alicia Rasley (Editor, Red Sage), Rita Herron, Robin Owens, JoAnna Wayne, Debra Moffitt and Bill Murray.  What a line up that was!  In addition to the wonderful workshop and awesome critique sessions, Emma and I took a tour of Charleston.  We had Thursday off, so Elaine McCarthy (The Falconer) went with us as we took a ride on the Charleston Belle for a tour of the Charleston harbour.  After that, we took a carriage tour through the streets of Charleston and saw some wonderful sights.  We later had lunch at Bubba Gump's.  It was a fantastic relaxing day and we really enjoyed ourselves.  During the workshop, we were treated to an oyster roast - we even tried a roasted oyster, our first ever and there was shrimp boil which was great.  We saw old friends from last year and made many new ones this year.  It was a great time and we'll be headed back again next year.  I already have it marked on my calendar!

SC - heated poolThe pictures above are of the front of the house.  Our room this year was on the 3rd floor - thank heavens there's an elevator from the basement to the top!  Then there's a view of the ocean from the deck at the back of house.  And, in case you're not into swimming in the ocean with the sharks, there's a heated swimming pool right off the back deck.  Can you have a better place to write?





Donald Maass - Minneapolis, MN - September 28, 2008

Donald Maass Workshop IRN AttendeesSome of the members of IRN attended the Donald Maass workshop in Minneapolis.  WOW!  What a workshop.  Mr. Maass was witty and very knowledgeable.  We spent the day working on our manuscripts under his guidance.  We couldn't take notes fast enough as we worked through this Breakout Novel techniques.  It was a very informative fast-paced workshop.  We were exhausted by the end of the day and our poor brains could not have held an ounce more of information!  If you have a chance to attend one of his workshops, by all means do so.  It's fantastic!

Isle of Palms, South Carolina - October 26, 2007

Isle of Palms

Three "Wild, Wicked Writers of Romance" (better known as Emma Robuck, Brit McCullough and myself all from the Iowa Romance Novelists) took a trip to the Isle of Palms, South Carolina for a writing retreat with Jenny Crusie, Nina Bruhns and Susan Meier along with other special guest authors.  We spent a week in wonderful workshops along with walking on the beach and shopping (I found more yellow rubber duckies for my collection).  The weather was perfect.  We were lulled to sleep every night by the sound of waves gently rolling into shore.  It was perfect.  This is the back view of the house we stayed in and our room (as you look at the pic) is second floor on the left.

Iowa City, Iowa - October 2006

Mary Winter and Charlotte Boyett-Campo signed copies of their books at Waldens Books in Iowa City. Mary and Charlotte are more writer friends.  I made the four hour round trip to attend the signing.  Didn't want to miss supporting two great writers!

Mary WinterHere's Mary autographing a copy of her book "Prodigal Son" for me.  Mary writes wonderful erotic paranormal tales for Ellora's Cave.  Click here to visit her website.







Mary CampoAnd Mary Campo autographs her book "Passion's Mistral" for me, too. 

I devoured both their books in one sitting.  Couldn't put 'em down!






Des Moines, Iowa - June 28, 2006

Famed author Janet Evanovich made an appearance in Des Moines to a huge crowd.  The auditorium was full to capacity.  People sat in the aisles and a huge crowd stood the entire time outside with the speech being piped out through speakers.  I stood in line for over two hours just waiting to get inside to grab a seat before the festivities started.  Janet is a fabulous speaker.  Iowa's First Lady, Christy Vilsack, was hostess.  The program was wonderful.

Janet Evanovich and First Lady Christine Vilsack

First Lady Christine Vilsack talks with New York Times' Best Selling Author Janet Evanovich.

Janet Evanovich and Maggie Rivers

Here Janet Evanovich autographs a book for me.  She stayed and signed books until every last fan had their book signed!

Middleton, Wisconsin - June 2-4, 2006

Fellow Iowa Romance Novelist Emma Robuck and I attached the WisRWA workshop with Jenny Crusie and Bob Mayer.  If you're a writer, you must see these two in person and if you're a reader, by all means read their books.  They're great!

And, while visiting Wisconsin, Emma and I took time to visit one of the art exhibits on display.  These cows were lined up both sides of the streets and around the capitol building in downtown Middleton. 

Winter Cow

This cow was the winter cow.  Aren't the snowflakes wonderful!

Chocolate Cow

I think this cow must have been made for writers as chocolate is our food of choice! That's a Hershey Bar she's eating.

Clock Cow

This had to be my most favorite cow of all.  It's made completely out of clocks and watches.  It was absolutely beautiful!

Emma Big LipsBack at the workshop, here's Emma trying out the "lips" we were given as prizes.  There was something different each session.  Along with the lips, we got water pistols.  Look out - WATERFIGHT!!!




FeastWhen Emma and I arrived in our hotel room, a fabulous feast was waiting for us - trays of cheese, fruits, crackers and a bottle of champagne!  What a wonderful surprise and a fantastic way to start the weekend.  Especially after our unexpected adventure in getting to Middleton.  My van has one of those navigational systems in it.  It worked great until we got about thirty miles outside of Middleton before it decided to leave us stranded when it stopped working!

Emma StrawberryEmma holds up one of the items from our feast - a huge chocolate covered strawberry.  My favorite!








Emma's PurchaseHere Emma shows off one of her purchases at the evening's book signing.





Pink FlamingosThese pink flamingos were one of our table gifts also.  When Jenny Crusie saw them, she had an idea - the flamingo makes an appearance in her Crusie-Mayer book entitled "Agnes and the Hitman".  Check it out.



Emma and I had a fabulous timen and learned lots of good information from Jenny Crusie and Bob Mayer.  And those Wisconsin romance writers really know how to do a workshop!



Knoxville, Iowa - January 14, 2006

Kathleen Bacus signingIowa Romance Novelist Kathleen Bacus had her first booksigning at the local Wal-Mart in Knoxville.  She was a rousing success.  All her books were sold out within the first hour and a half.  Kathleen writes the "Calamity Jayne" series. 



IRNFellow writers from the Iowa Romance Novelists showed up to lend support.  Go to the Links page to find links to their websites!



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I collects stilettos!

Here are more photos of the wonderful gifts I've received from fans.

Stiletto Bottle Opener and Playing Cards





Pearl Blue Ceramic Stiletto








Steeltoed Construction Stilettos